Online Holistic Coach Session

Holistic Therapy is a form of healing that considers the whole person – body, mind, spirit, and emotions – in the pursuit of optimal health and well-being.Buy Session »

Master Holistic Coach Certification

The double degree Master in Holistic Psychology + Specialized Master in Coaching is designed for business people, professionals or entrepreneurs in the field of psychology and coaching. It allows you to know about holistic psychology, gestalt psychology, counseling, coaching, mindfulness, neurolinguistic programming, hypnosis, systemic psychology, narrative therapy, transpersonal psychology, personal coaching, fundamental aspects of coaching, ethics and coaching, the coaching process, coach and coachee, fundamentals of personal coaching, emotions, the change process, listening, coaching and NLP, structural techniques, exploratory techniques, among others.Buy »

Online Workshops for Individuals and Companies

We give workshops in a specification request of a Client /Corporate or Organization request about holistic procedures in a corporation like feng shui, life coach ,mental health care for employees or associates and many and various mindfullness subjects .

Conferences and Forums

We create specific and objectif subjects to debate with a perspective of holistic vision, where aggregate a focus mindset based on a perspective of knowledge and love ..all subjects are deliberate based on a open mindset and wise perspectives of solving problems in a creative environment with different solutions.

Spiritual, Holistic Business Retreats

great opening till summer 2021

Dharmalife Holistic Mindfullness Coaching Mentoring

I offer direct one-on-one Buddhist enlightenment training: powerfully practical applied-dharma coaching coupled with advanced meditation guidance with a special focus on developing your ability to directly and quickly attain stream-entry through Buddhist mind training, vipassana meditation, practical applied-dharma, and insight coaching.  This is not about cultivating equanimity; it’s about making progress—real progress—toward actual enlightenment.

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