Dharmalife Holistic mindfullness coaching Mentoring

Dharmalife Holistic mindfullness coaching Mentoring

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What is on-offer here is very special. 

You’re not going to find many people outside of Buddhist monasteries who can genuinely offer this kind of applied guidance and advanced coaching, especially to lay practitioners.

It is worth noting that awakening and entry into enlightenment are not particularly special and are available to anyone as along as they have proper instruction and a dedicated, holistic practice.  Are you a Buddhist, but find yourself still struggling with doubt?  If so, I believe you owe it to yourself to contact me to learn more.


I offer direct one-on-one Buddhist enlightenment training: powerfully practical applied-dharma coaching coupled with advanced meditation guidance with a special focus on developing your ability to directly and quickly attain stream-entry through Buddhist mind training, vipassana meditation, practical applied-dharma, and insight coaching.  This is not about cultivating equanimity; it’s about making progress—real progress—toward actual enlightenment.